Now with locations in Copacabana and Cochabamba, Bolivia, The Spitting Llama Bookstore & Outfitter specializes in camping, trekking, foreign books, and socially & ecologically responsible travel.

We are the only foreign language bookstore in Bolivia the only bookstore specializing in Bolivian Indigenous language works in the world. We supply everything from Lonely Planet guidebooks, maps, backpacks and tents, to organic coffee, cuban cigars and Quechua poetry. We rent camping equipment, bikes, and loan out, exchange & sell books in English, Quechua, German, Spanish, Aymara, Guarani, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, & Thai.

We ship to anywhere in Bolivia!

La Paz
Calle Linares # 947 (Adentro de Hostal La Posada de la Abuela)
La Paz, Bolivia
(591) 70398720, (591) 79770312

Av. 6 de Agosto, 1/2 cuadra abajo de Plaza Sucre
Copacabana, Bolivia
(591) 2-2599073,  (591) 79640915

Calle España N. #615, Entre Plazuela Barba de Padilla y El Prado
Cochabamba, Bolivia
(591) 4-4894540,  70398720, 79770312